Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meet "Meet Cute"

Hello, everyone! 

"...And He Whispered In Her Ear" has been re-released as "Meet Cute: A Collection of Romantic Short Stories", complete with new cover, new branding and now it's available in paperback! 

A meet-cute is a writing term that is defined as: "a scene in film, television, etc. in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing". 

As a reader, I have always been enchanted by the magical moment when a couple meets for the first time! Not only does the chemistry between those two people mystify me, but it actually gives me a visceral, butterflies-in-the-stomach, giddy feeling. The feeling I got when I met my husband... or the one I get when I bite into a piece of rich chocolate!